Dunkin Donuts

My Role

I created product photos for the Dunkin Donuts' Iced Coffee product you can buy in grocery stores.

Here's how I did it

I used an empty Amazon box, a lot of coffee beans, and the product itself – the Dunkin Iced Coffee.

I first tried doing the photo shoot inside my house with lighting tools I have but I ended up actually taking the entire photo set outside. It was about 8-9am during the summer so the sun was about halfway up the sky.

The placement of the sun actually provided almost perfect natural lighting to shoot without any strong glares or shadows.

I tried using a tripod but I ended up actually just standing over the box and taking the photos by hand.

Once I had a bunch of photos to work with I opened up Adobe Lightroom and began editing.

Since I nailed the lighting in camera, it made editing a breeze and produced beautiful photos with a strong contrast between the Dunkin orange and the dark brown coffee beans.

Let's talk

This was a fun project and I'd love to do another product photo shoot. If you have any ideas please reach out, let's talk!