Video Production

Kris Konstruction

My Role
2020 - Present

I create video's that convert.

Posting engaiging video on a consistent basis is crucial for any individual or business looking to grow in the digital world.

Don't believe me?

Just look around .. Instagram announced in 2021 that it is now a video platform. Yes you can still post pictures but you'll notice the focus of the app is around Reels (short videos, just like TikTok). I'm sure you've heard of TikTok which has blown up over the last year. TikTok is also a video platform. And the original video platform is Youtube, they recently introduced "Shorts" which is just like TikTok or Instagram Reels for short video clips.

The point is, video is now the secret sauce to growing your brand and boosting sales.

Unfortunately, creating engaging videos is not that easy. Which is why most businesses outsource video production to leverage their time to focus on other tasks.

My videos for Kris Konstruction

Check out the video above – that's an example of a video ad I created for Kris Konstruction who is a General Contractor on the East Coast who does a lot of Storm Restoration.

Not only do I script, film, edit the videos ... I also create the Facebook Ad Campaigns which is a paid advertising method to generate leads. The challenge for me was to create videos and the Facebook Ad Campaigns good enough that the leads were coming in under a certain cost per lead.

If you just post a boring video and don't optimize the Facebook settings for your Ads, you can spend 5-10x more per lead than if you do the work upfront to generate low cost leads.

Let's talk

Reach out to me to discuss any video production or Facebook Advertising needs you have.