Software Development


My Role
2021 - Present


A Digital Roof Analysis App

Tradefront is a tech startup I have been working on since 2021 and we're about to launch in early 2022.

Tradefront is a Mobile App that allows roofers to quickly and easily create Roof Inspection Reports to share with homeowners, Insurance Adjusters, & property managers.

Traditionally, to create a Roof Inspection Report you would need to go back to your laptop and open up Microsoft Word, insert all your photos, type out your report, then try to format everything to look nice ... then try to email it to the homeowner who never checks their email anyways.

It was a big hassle.

My Background

If you didn't know, my full-time job is actually Roofing Sales for Kris Konstruction. Which is how I got the idea for the app.

I wanted to offer Roof Inspection reports to my own homeowners but there was no solution out there. I also had Sales Reps on my team that were trying to send reports to their homeowners and they kept asking me to help them with their reports and it was so tedious and time consuming. It wasn't scalable. If I added more sales reps to my team then I'd have more people asking me to help with their reports.

With all that said, I decided to create my own solution to make it easy for anyone to plug in their data/photos and the app create the report for you. No more spending time on formatting or trying to send emails with attachments that are too big to send.

Software Development

I hacked together the first version of the app, but it was clunky and would not be able to scale for everyone else to use. So I brought in help.

I teamed up with some college friends who are amazing Software Engineers. I provide more of the vision and design while they provide solution design & development.

We're a great team able to build anything from iOS & Android apps to complex Web Apps such as customer portals.

Let's talk

If you have a project in mind, yreach out to me with details of your project and we'll hop on a call to see if we can be a good fit.